In a spin

My dear Daz

I know that you’re really busy right now, because it’s exam season, so thought that I’d update you on how I’m also in a spin of a different kind. Remember that I bought myself a teeny tiny little birthday pressie back in March?! From the lovely ladies at Nunoco on Etsy.

Well I finally got round to spinning it up. So here we have the ‘candy floss’ I started with. This is a couple of ‘batt droppings’ from the Secret Smorgling box. The one on the right is called ‘Whisper’ but I have no idea what the batt on the left is called as I lost the tag from the ribbon it was tied with (and it was a ribbon too, those ladies at Nunoco understand customer service!) Whisper has the most gorgeous silver threads in it which you can’t see on this photo but look at those fab rogue pink bits of fabric/fleece in the batt on the left…

Candy floss
Candy floss beginnings…

I been spinning all evening and this yarn really did almost spin itself, it was so easy to work with! So it wasn’t long before I had a full bobbin of this..image

Its absolutely divine, the rogue fibres made beautiful slubs and the yarn shimmers with the silver thread.

Not sure how much I’ve got here and I’ll have to let it rest a day or so on the bobbin until I can wash, dry and wind it. But I’m very excited. What do you think I should make with it?

Love ya Cx


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