I have a confession …

Dear Daz

Please forgive me; I know I’m meant to be knitting your other Ecclefechan glove which I know I was supposed to finish for your birthday (in March) and I do feel very guilty about the fact that I only gave you one glove on your big day. But it was a lovely glove wasn’t it!? I was actually quite pleased with it to be honest! But, look at this from Susan Crawford and tell me how I was supposed to not cast on?! You know I can’t resist anything from Susan Crawford! And it’s knit in the round – no seams, Daz no seams!!!!

Blanche Too by Susan Crawford

So, guiltily, I’ve cast on in Diggle DK by Woolyknit.com in their Teal Nepp colourway. I’ve never used this yarn before but it has quite a vintage feel to it with quite a loose ply and it produces a very firm fabric which would be consistent with the yarns used in the 1930s-1950s. The nicest aspect of the yarn though is the little flecks of brown in it, which, when knitted up give a lovely tweed look to the fabric. Look, lovely isn’t it?

Diggle (2)
Diggle DK by Woolyknit.com in Teal Nepp

Now I have been knitting this for a while, hence why I haven’t really discussed anything knitted related with you for ages! But the guilt has been eating at me so now you know! Look at my progress, though, this is quite a lot for me isn’t it?

Weird how the colour looks totally different in this pic.

acres of progress...
acres of progress…

Anyway the good news is that having got about a third of the way through, I’m now bored. So I think I’m now over my ‘second glove syndrome’ and I’ll be able to finish your glove just in time for…winter! How selfless of me!

Love and hugs Lott xx


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