Are we really doing a blog?

So as Lott says, here we are, this is us (looking particularly glamorous at our visit to Toft Alpacas – more on that later) and hello to anyone who lands here and reads our stuff. I have no idea why we’re doing this; basically my role in this friendship is just to do what I’m told. I tend to trust my friend though – in spite of being completely mental she’s also usually right about most things…

As an example, to go back to the alpaca farm visit, which involved a seven-hour round trip (me driving, needless to say) because we’d met the fab people at Toft Alpacas at our visit to Woolfest last summer and Lott decided that her uber-cool, fabulously sneering and self-possessed teenage daughter would love nothing more than being woken at seven in the morning and dragged there (in the rain) for her ‘surprise birthday treat’. What seemed to really galvanise Lott into this particular day out was the promise of participating in the alpaca obstacle course, which was advertised on their website.

When we eventually arrived at Toft Alpacas, (silent, seething daughter on the back seat) it was to discover that the ‘obstacle course’ was actually devised as a minor bit of distraction for pre-school children. We dutifully got our tickets and took our place in the queue for our alpaca …. trying not to let our quite palpable embarrassment as being the only ones without toddlers show … and dealing with the increasing mortification of said teenager as we looked at the ‘obstacles’ we were instructed to weave our own personal alpaca around (a small row of upturned red plastic buckets and a couple of long poles to vault over, precariously placed at least two inches off the ground). The lovely alpaca handlers there were clearly trying to hide their own discomfort, obviously wondering if we were on some kind of medical programme or just plain barking. The only thing to do was just get on with it and try to treat the whole thing as ironic. And then Lott fell over one of the obstacles, which made it all better. At this point, even the toddlers were looking at us in disgust.

Seething daughter managed to perk up a bit at the sight of some Japanese teenagers (apparently alpacas are ultra-cool in Japan). But the day was just rounded off perfectly by my husband telling me, when I eventually got home, soaked to the skin and exhausted, that apparently there’s a great alpaca farm about ten minutes up the road from our house.

So there you are. One example of a great day out with Charlotte and Sarah, two mates who never had a best mate before and, since we became friends, have started to realise why it’s quite nice to have a best mate. Although we do spend the majority of our time bickering.

We’ll be putting up bits about all kinds of things: I quite like baking stuff, although I’m rubbish at following recipes, so when I bake something, rather than just texting the photo to Lott, I’ll probably put it on here. And lots of animal stuff – I’ve got three dogs and she’s a cat woman, although we do share a bit of a thing about tropical fish so they’ll no doubt find their way on here as well. And given that we’re both ‘Englishy’ in terms of degrees / jobs, no doubt we’ll be talking about what we’ve been reading. We’ve both just finished Sarah Hall’s Wolf Border, incidentally. Fab book.

Anyway, enough for now. First blog post over. Now I just need to work out how to tweet. Lott, is this ok for the first one?


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