Welcome, come in, mind the dogs, don’t trip over the cat and have a seat…

Hang on to that alpaca
Hang on to that alpaca – Sarah (l) Charlotte (r)

Hello, hello, we’re so pleased to meet you and thanks for popping by! This is our first post and we’re a tiny bit nervous, so do bear with us.

You’ve just entered the world of Charlotte (Lott) and Sarah (Daz), two friends who share a love of many things but for the purposes of this blog we’ll start with a passion for knitting.

Knitting is our relaxation, it’s our reason to sit and gossip, in its name we plan outings, weekend breaks and shopping trips, all of which never seem to go entirely to plan, often involve some kind of toe curling embarrassment, but always, always, involve Sarah buying 14 (exactly 14) balls of DK for a cardigan. We shamelessly use knitting as a reason to ignore housework, our children and husbands, and even our jobs! Knitting gives us a shared future to dream about, where we live nearer to each other – actually we might even live together in a farmhouse large enough for our families, dogs, cats, and various tropical fish – oh and yarn. In this idyllic future we live in a sunny pastoral landscape tending our flocks of rare breeds of sheep and alpacas where our hobby pays for our living and our happy-go-lucky lifestyle is stress-free and ‘meaningful’. Ah.

So, knitting provides us with one of the threads of our friendship.

We hope you’ll stick around to read more about what we’re working on, where’ve been, what’s going on, whether we are any nearer to achieving our dreams, what Sarah’s strange whippet dog Skippy is currently scared of and much more which may or may not be knitting-related ‘yarns’!

Love C&S xxx


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